The Learning Management System (LMS)

Having pioneered several of the industry’s first computer-based, animated systems presentations, we at ProFlight have a significant head start on the web-based training wave. Our students benefit in two ways:

• Our Learning Management System customizes and tracks each ProFlight student’s course of study for clarity, convenience and compliance.

• The advanced Computer Based Training (CBT) program within the LMS employs high-resolution, color-rich animation techniques to bring static textbook diagrams to life. It enables the pilot to explore comprehensive diagnostics in infinite animated detail. Moreover, it delivers the highest quality of distance learning options to maximize your ground school experience.

The combined result is a state-of-the-art training approach that proved pivotal in our achieving recognition from the top aviation insurance underwriters. 

To experience the LMS and CBT advantage, click on the sample links below.

After you launch the LMS demo, start your demonstration by clicking on the HELP button at the top of the lesson window.  It will explain, in detail, how to navigate the lesson. You can use the checklists at the bottom of the page when you have finished the lesson. Be sure to try the FREEPLAY CBT mode link at the top of the LMS window... click the battery switch ON and go! 

“ProFlight’s LMS (Learning Management System) allowed me to begin learning the systems and abnormal procedures at my own pace and at the times of my choosing, since it is a web-based application. Unlike just reading about emergency procedures and trying to imagine where in the cockpit the switches are and how the systems respond, the online course has animation. I was actually able to throw the switches following the abnormal checklist to see the systems respond. It was fantastic! ~ DM, CJ1 Pro Pilot